A Satin Scrunchie: Your Best Friend While Sleeping

satin scrunchie

How do you wear your hair at night?

For the greater part of the year, I have been using a black hair tie to secure my hair at night, and I follow our tips in the post entitled, How Do You Wear Your Hair at Night?

With that being said, I always wondered if the hair tie was putting stress on my hair when I toss and turn at night. Not to mention, the hair tie would leave dents in my straightened hair. So a few months ago, I switched to a black satin scrunchie, and I love it!

My hair has been growing very well since my summer setback. I am currently four inches from hiplength, which is very exciting! My biggest concerns are keeping my hair moisturized, tangle-free, and strong. My satin scrunchie helps me meet each concern.

Since I have been using a satin scrunchie, my hair has responded positively, and I don’t get those dreaded dents in the morning. It is a keeper. I hope this hair tip will help all of you.


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