Air Drying Hair

air dryingSummertime is here and the temperatures are rising. Instead of grabbing your hair tools to dry and style your hair, consider air drying your hair. Besides saving time blow drying and heat styling your hair, air drying is healthier and can give you a great natural look.

When you consider air drying, you have to think about your natural hair texture. For example, a person with straight hair would need to take different steps than a person with tightly coiled hair.  Then consider how you want your end results. Make sure you also consider your haircut. Hairstylists recommend having a longer cut during the summer for more of an undone look. Longer hair is also less likely to frizz when you air dry.

After cleansing, conditioning, and detangling your hair, blot your hair with a towel lightly. You may need to gently comb out tangles. Be careful combing your hair while it is wet as it can break when handled roughly.

It is recommend you add a little bit of product to keep hair from getting fluffy and frizzy. For wavy hair or even straight hair, a wave or curl cream works well because it is designed for air drying. You could also use non-alcohol gel (i.e. aloe vera). Scrunch your hair will wet with the creme and a little gel and then air dry. For curlier and tightly coiled hair, try twisting or braiding your hair with a creme based product. Adding a roller (i.e. flexi rod, perm rod) on the end can define the curls on the end. Make sure you add a small bit of oil on the ends will keep your tips lubricated and looking healthy.

So go ahead and relax this summer. Give your tresses a break from the damaging effects of heat. Let your hair air dry, and reap the benefit of healthy hair.

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