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Premium Chat: Be A VIP and Chat With Us

premium chatYou’ve asked, and we’ve listened. For a fee, you can now be a VIP and chat with us live via our premium chat!

Let’s talk about your favorite hair topics like deep conditioning, hairstyles, or hair length goals.

This feature is an excellent addition to our fantastic website, and now you can interact with us like never before. It is our pleasure to serve you and keep you company. Continue reading Premium Chat: Be A VIP and Chat With Us

COVID-19 UPDATE From Lengthy Hair®

COVID-19Like many of you, we are closely monitoring the news from around the world regarding COVID-19. We don’t know how long this global pandemic will last, but please know our sympathies go out to those directly or indirectly impacted by the virus. Everyone is in our thoughts and prayers during this unfortunate time. We sincerely hope the loss of life and infection rate subsides, and a vaccine becomes available soon. Continue reading COVID-19 UPDATE From Lengthy Hair®

Product Review: Function of Beauty

Function of BeautyOn a whim, our team stumbled across the beauty brand Function of Beauty on YouTube. We have tried a multitude of hair products but never had one customized, so our interest was piqued. Without hesitation, we decided to use our own money and make a purchase of $107.56, so we could review it. Please keep reading to hear about our authentic experience. Continue reading Product Review: Function of Beauty

Illness Be Gone! We are Back!

illnessWe are back! We appreciate all of the well-wishes and concerns. Thank you to all of our subscribers and readers. Unfortunately, our entire staff has been sick due to a mysterious viral infection — possible acute bronchitis or the flu! Several weeks later — we are thankfully almost back to 100%. During our illness, we thought about how going through an illness and taking care of your hair would make a great topic for Look out for a new post on how to take care of your hair while sick in the coming days.
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