Blow drying and the Tension Method

tension methodHere at Lengthy Hair, we are big on low manipulation. Manipulating your hair often with heat, hair tools, or chemicals will ultimately lead to breakage and damage. Breakage and damage will keep your mane short and unhealthy, which is completely counterproductive to our mission. But let’s be honest. Every now and then you may want to blow dry your hair and try a different look. Consider using the tension method to ease manipulation and keep your strands on your head.

What is the Tension Method?

The tension method is simply holding a section of your hair taut while you move a warm or cool hair dryer along your strands. The results should not only dry hair strands, but will give a straighter appearance to the hair while only using your hand and a handheld dryer. This method works with all hair types.

Benefits of the Tension Method

Protects the hair from constant manipulationPulling a brush or comb attachment along your tresses over and over will cause damage and breakage. With the tension method, you should notice less hair loss. Less hair loss means your hair is protected and will stay healthy and growing from your scalp.

Reduces the chance of heat damage –  If heat is used incorrectly, then heat damage can happen. The tension method lessen the risk of heat damage due to the cooler temperatures and the constant movement of the hair dryer along a larger section of hair.

Alternative to air drying – This method can be an alternative to air drying. Air drying can take hours and wet hair can be uncomfortable. This isn’t as great as indirect heat, but it can dry hair quickly.

Cons of the Tension Method

Not the straightest appearance – The tension method is great for using less heat, but not ideal for a sleek look. If your style requires a straighter appearance, you may want to finish your blow out by sparingly using a brush or comb attachment.

Longer drying time than traditional blow drying – This method may take a longer time since you are using a cooler temperature and holding the hair instead of passing the hair through a comb attachment or the teeth of a comb/brush.

Tangling may occur– When strands are not straighten all of the way, especially with curly textures, tangling can occur. You want to be wary of tangling because it can also cause breakage.

In our opinion, the benefits of the tension method outweighs the cons, but everyone’s hair is different. Give the tension method a try and see if it works for you. It is okay if you want to tweak and modify the technique.

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  1. I haven’t tried the tension method, but across every hair stylist I have ever spoken to, their biggest advice is always to limit the amount of heat and styling on your hair. I used to straighten my hair every single day, and since I have stopped my hair is healthier than it’s ever been before.

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