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Do you “listen” to your hair?

Just like the rest of your body, your hair will tell you if it is in good health or not. You just have to pay attention and “listen”. Many times people can get complacent or fall back on a designated schedule to maintain their tresses when their hair is stating otherwise. Don’t get caught in that cycle.

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Summer is Here!

The summer of 2014 is here and based on the thermometers it is going to be a hot one! The higher the mercury goes the drier your hair will get. Why?

– The Sun can and will zap moisture from your hair.

– The chlorine (a.k.a. bleach) in pools will strip your hair, especially your hair color.

– Your sweat, which is partly comprised of salt, will cool you down, but dry out your hair.

Sun hatHow can you combat the summer from halting your lengthy hair goals?
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Detangling Hair Part I

detangling hairDo you dread detangling hair?  We must admit detangling hair is not a fun task. We hope these tips will ease your experience the next time you reach for your wide tooth comb.
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Grocery Bags and Hair

grocery bagsDid you know plastic grocery bags can help your lengthy hair journey?

They can!

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