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Grocery Bags and Hair

grocery bagsDid you know plastic grocery bags can help your lengthy hair journey?

They can!

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Nails Can Sabotage Your Hair

Nails Can Sabotage Your Hair Did you know that something as minor as unkempt nails can sabotage your hair?

It can.

Broken or chipped nails, hang-nails, peeling nails, etc. can all grab and pull hair strands out of the scalp when your hands come in contact with your hair. Usually running your hand through your hair is done without much thought, but it can hurt when strands are yanked out. This is especially true for people with fine or fragile hair strands.

The best way to remedy pulling out healthy hair strands due to poorly manicured nails is simple: keep a nail file or emery board nearby. When your nails become unsightly, file them down. Your hair strands will thank you.


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How Fast Does Hair Grow?

fast does hair grow

How fast does hair grow?

Hair growth vary from individual to individual. On average, human hair grows about six inches a year or about ½ inch a month.

If your hair is straight or wavy, you will be able to see your hair growth fairly easy.

People with curlier textures may have a harder time seeing their growth. It depends on the texture. Curly hair tends to spiral on itself and “shrink” when in its natural state. However, rest assure, your hair is growing too. Continue reading How Fast Does Hair Grow?

Brrr…It’s cold outside…

When the mercury drops outside, make sure you pay attention to your hair. The freezing temperatures can zap moisture out of your hair – causing dryness. Try moisturizing your hair at night with a water-based leave in conditioner followed by a few drops of oil. Then cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf/bonnet. During the day wear a protective hairstyle like a bun. A protective hairstyle will hide your ends from the cold and lessen the need to keep trimming them. Snowy Road

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