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Style Alert: The Crimped Ponytail

crimped ponytailSpring is around the corner. Thoughts of flowers, cool breezes, and warmer weather have us excitedly thinking about cute, new hairstyles to rock! So far, one hairstyle has us abuzz at Lengthy Hair. It is the crimped ponytail! We believe crimping or a highly textured wavy look will be a hot look this spring and summer.
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Blow drying and the Tension Method

tension methodHere at Lengthy Hair, we are big on low manipulation. Manipulating your hair often with heat, hair tools, or chemicals will ultimately lead to breakage and damage. Breakage and damage will keep your mane short and unhealthy, which is completely counterproductive to our mission. But let’s be honest. Every now and then you may want to blow dry your hair and try a different look. Consider using the tension method to ease manipulation and keep your strands on your head. Continue reading Blow drying and the Tension Method

Let’s Talk Hair Retention

hair retention“My hair isn’t growing!” We hear it from our subscribers all of the time. But unless you have a medical issue, your hair is indeed growing. The reason why your hair isn’t flowing down your back is due to a failure of hair retention. Continue reading Let’s Talk Hair Retention

Hair Tip: Avoid Heat Damage

heat damageWho doesn’t like changing their look from time to time? Straight hair today and a loosely curled look tomorrow. We all love having options. Despite the latest trends, when choosing a new look, we must be leery of our heat usage. At all costs, we must avoid heat damage so our tresses stay healthy.
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