Why Conditioner Should Be Your Best Friend?

conditionerConditioner is like fertilizer for the hair. If you treat hair conditioner like your best friend, your hair will greatly benefit. It will not only keep your hair moisturized, but strong.

Two Types of Conditioner

There are two broad categories for conditioners: regular rinse-out conditioners and deep conditioners. They both are great, but deep conditioners will give you your money’s worth.

Regular rinse-out conditioners can be found on any shelf in a big-box store, grocery, and drugstore. They are usually cheap in price. And they are usually directed to be applied for about five minutes following shampooing. After rinsing out the conditioner you can proceed to hair styling.

Deep conditioners are more potent. They are more expensive too. You will be able to find them in big-box stores, grocery stores, and drugstores. However, you will not find a lot, especially quality ones. Higher quality deep conditioners can be found in salons and online stores.

How to Deep Condition

Deep conditioners should be left on the hair longer. A minimum of 30 minutes is usually standard. However, you can leave them on longer if you desire.

If you want the deep conditioner to penetrate deeper in your strands opt for an indirect heat source.

All you will need is a plastic cap (or grocery bag) and hooded dryer. Some may opt to use a steamer. Or, you can let your natural body heat warm the conditioner up for you. You can either put two plastic caps on your head or  put a plastic cap on followed by wrapping a towel around your head. Sit or do some chores around the house.

After an allotted time. The conditioner should have soaked in your hair strands. Rinse and style. You will see the improvement in your hair in short time.

How often you condition your hair will vary. Some may condition every other day while others deep condition once every two weeks. Listen to your hair and find out what your hair prefers.

Be good to your hair and it will be good to you!

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