Crocodile Clips Are Simply Amazing!

crocodile clipsHave you tried crocodile (or croc) clips? If not, then you really don’ t know what you’re missing out on! Crocodile clips are much stronger than traditional butterfly clips but they are still just as stylish. If you are tired of your butterfly clips falling out when your hair is wet why not try something new? Crocodile clips hold in place even when your hair is wet. These super clips work well with hair of all types including those with thick hard to manage hair which makes them very easy to use.

Crocodile Clips Are Double Jointed


When you are a styling your hair wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra pair of hands? Well, now you can with these very versatile clips. Crocodile Clips make the perfect styling clips because they are double jointed and work much like the human finger. This allows you to easily style your hair, getting the job done much quicker! One of the reasons why so many people like these clips is because they won’t break under pressure. Crocodile clips are made from durable materials that will hold up to the stresses of hair styling. Best of all you won’t have to worry about them breaking on you when you need them the most.

Not Many Negatives About These Clips


If you asked the people who have already tried these clips what they didn’t like about them, you wouldn’t find much. Probably the only real downside to these hair styling clips is the price. Crocodile clips will set you a few more dollars but we believe they are well worth the extra cash. If you have had trouble styling your hair in the past you just might want to invest in crocodile clips. They are easy to use and while they do cost some extra money most people believe they are worth it.

You can get croc clips at Sally’s. Save $5 off your purchase of $25 or more. Use code: 888655. Offer expires 6/30/2017.

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