How to Get Rid of Dandruff

get rid of dandruff

Yikes! Itchy, oily, white flakes covering your scalp, hair, and clothes. Those who have experienced dandruff are well-aware of these symptoms. Let’s discuss what causes dandruff and how to get rid of it. Don’t be a victim to an unforecasted  snowstorm brewing above your shoulders.

What Causes Dandruff?

Overusing hair products, a dirty scalp, excessive oil production, and product buildup (gel, wax, or shampoo) on the scalp can contribute to dandruff. However, dandruff is commonly caused by the following;

  • Dry skin
  • Reaction to a shampoo or hair product
  • Climatic changes
  • Skin conditions, such as seborrheic dermatitis or, psoriasis, eczema

Get Rid of Dandruff

Although it isn’t a harmful condition, dandruff can be embarrassing for you. For any person thinking of how to get rid of dandruff from their scalp, here are several natural ways to get rid of it:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is an excellent choice to combat dandruff. It has natural cooling properties, moisturizing to the scalp, anti-fugal, and anti-bacterial. Once you extract the gel from the plant, apply it to the scalp, and gently massage. Let the gel soak in for about 45 minutes. Wash your hair throughly afterwards.


Lemon is a popular natural treatment for removing dandruff. We wouldn’t advise using this method if your scalp has been irritated by scratching. However, if you haven’t scratched, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a cup of water. Then slowly apply the whole mixture to the scalp. Massaged the lemon juice into the scalp and then properly rinsed with warm water after about 20 minutes. Lemon juice aids in getting rid of dandruff and balancing the scalp’s pH.

Tea Tree Oil

Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with aloe vera or a mild shampoo. Then applied it to the scalp. Gently massaging.  Rinsing well after 30 minutes. Tea tree oil is an excellent remedy for getting rid of dandruff due to its natural anti-fungal properties. A little goes a long way as tea tree oil can be strong.

If dandruff doesn’t go away even after applying each of these treatments, it is important to seek medical advice. Medical treatments for the condition or other underlying infections might be important to get rid of dandruff.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Dandruff”

  1. I just love how your recommendations are a more natural approach to getting rid of dandruff, stuff in the market are so full of chemicals that they sometimes just worsen the situation. I’d love to try me some tea tree oil. I do struggle with dandruff! So these tips would definitely help me on my hair care methods.

  2. I have struggled with dandruff for a long time, and haven’t found a perfect solution yet. What works best for me is Head and Shoulders shampoos, but it strips the color out of my hair, as it is dyed. I’ve tried other natural oils, but they too had the same effect. Are these alternatives safe for dyed hair?

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