Detangling Hair Part I

detangling hairDo you dread detangling hair?  We must admit detangling hair is not a fun task. We hope these tips will ease your experience the next time you reach for your wide tooth comb.

The Right Tool for Detangling

Picking the right tool for detangling is key. Depending on your hair, you may want to choose a wide tooth comb, tangle teezer, or simply opt to use your fingers.

Always start at the ends of the hair. After working your way through a few inches, then you can go up the hair shaft a few more inches at a time. Going slow and using caution will prevent knots from starting. Once you reach the top of the hair all of the knots and shed hair should be removed. Now you can comb from the top of your hair down, if needed. Twist or secure each section when you are done.

Additional Tips

If you experience breakage detangling dry hair, then opt to detangle on damp (slightly wet) hair. Using a spray bottle is optional.


Work on a small section at a time like we described above. Also consider utilizing a moisturizing conditioner – a little conditioner goes along way.  The conditioner will soften the hair and make it easier to detangle.


Detangling the hair in this manner may take a little longer, but it is effective and will keep the hair on your head!

If you bypass the above tips and start combing from the top of the hair down, you may create knots and snarls. Treat your hair like a piece of fine lace. Nurture it and it will be good to you!

Happy Lengthy Hair Journey!!!

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