The Different Types of Hair Color

Hair ColorSummer is here and thoughts of coloring your hair may be on your mind. Hair color when done right is fun and enchanting. However, if it goes wrong, it can be detrimental to your tresses. It is best to educate yourself on the different types of hair color and the risk you are taking before changing your look.

Spray In hair color

Spray in hair colors are usually used for a temporary change in appearance. They can range from bright, neon colors to natural hair tones. Most spray in colors last until they are washed out; however, they may fade throughout the day. Spray in hair color does not contain any ingredients that will actually permanently dye your hair.  This type of hair color should not cause any damage to your hair.

Semi-permanent hair color

Semi-permanent dye is different from spray in color. It does contain ingredients to color your hair for a longer period, but the color is only deposited on the outer layer of hair. Most semi-permanent hair dyes will last for around 6 weeks and eventually fade out. This will depend on how frequently you wash your hair. As far as damage goes, using a semi-permanent dye alone isn’t going to ruin your hair. It can actually add shine or a tint, especially for darker hair. If you opt to use a lifting agent (i.e. bleach) along with the dye to lighten your hair, then you will need to be concern about damage.

Demi-permanent hair color

Demi-permanent hair color is similar to semi-permanent, but it lasts a little longer and has peroxide. Peroxide is used in the formula to open the cuticle and deposit the color. Most demi-permanent hair dyes will last up to 24 washes, as opposed to 7-8 washes. Demi-permanent dyes are good to use for color correction or enhancing your natural hair color. Due to the peroxide, there is a heighten chance of damage, but it will be minimal. Semi and demi-permanent dyes are useful if you are unsure about dying your hair a certain color as both of these formulas do not contain bleach. Again, if you opt to use a lifting agent in conjunction to the dye, you will need to be cautious.

Permanent hair color

Permanent hair colors are meant to stay in your hair forever and not wash out. They can fade over time or brighten due to sun exposure. Permanent hair dyes are harsher on hair strands due to the chemicals (i.e. peroxide, ammonia). In addition, if you use other chemicals in your hair such as a relaxer or Japanese straightening, it is recommended to avoid permanent dye as multiple chemicals can be too much for your hair strands. If you still want to try a permanent color, we recommend you to either research well or seek a professional stylist. Seeking a professional may be your best bet. Make sure it is someone you have vetted thoroughly. You want to attain your desired look while keeping your hair healthy and retaining length.

No matter what type of hair dye you choose to color your hair, make sure you deep condition often. We can’t suggest deep conditioning enough.  Deep conditioning will keep your hair moisturized and less likely to break and produce split ends.


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