Don’t Neglect Your Tresses While Sick

Neglect Your Tresses While SickI started to feel ill on January 30th. My throat was sore and inflamed. After conducting a morning meeting and walking back to my desk, the symptoms began to overwhelm me suddenly. First, the hot flashes and cold chills came. Despite setting my space heater to the highest setting, I could not feel the heat. Then the dizziness came. I could barely walk down the hall to use the restroom. I am sure many of you can relate to my experience. However, no matter what is going with your life, please don’t neglect your tresses while sick.

Protective Hairstyles Work

When people hear the term “protective hairstyles,” they start to think of time-consuming looks like braids, wigs, or weaves, but protective hairstyles do not need to be that elaborate. When I first heard the term protective hairstyles back in 2007, it primarily referred to buns.

When I start to feel under the weather, I go for two styles to get me through the long days and nights: a bun or a single low braid. Before securing my hair in a bun, I detangle my whole head, wrap my hair around itself,  and secure it with a satin scrunchie. Then I cover my hair with a satin bonnet and scarf. A similar technique is used if I opt for a braid, but I may add more oils or a leave-in conditioner. 

Keep Your Regimen the Same

A decade ago, I was hit by a tractor-trailer, and while I was recovering, I neglected my hair. My focus was primarily on getting back to a healthy state. Unfortunately, as a result, my waist-length hair became dry, matted, and brittle. In the end, I had to cut it. I learned a powerful lesson at that time and continue to implore others. Even when you’re sick, don’t ignore your hair if you cherish it. If you can’t find the energy to do it, then have a friend or family member assist you. Thankfully during my latest bout of illness, I found the strength to detangle, wash, and deep condition my hair. Often, I find the warm water in the shower doesn’t just aid in cleansing my hair and body, but it helps me feel better too. 

Disclaimer: I hope everyone is staying healthy out there, as we are in the peak season for illnesses. And now, we even see new viruses like the novel coronavirus occurring around the world. Each person and each sickness is different. Everyone’s circumstance differs. This post isn’t about vanity, but a focus on taking care of your entire body when you are not feeling your best.


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