The First Step to Beautiful Hair Is a Clean Scalp

clean scalpWithout a healthy, clean scalp it’s nearly impossible to grow or maintain lengthy, beautiful hair. The scalp naturally produces oils that lubricate and condition the hair shaft. However, it can become easy for the oils to accumulate buildup and dirt, which can irritate the hair scalp.

Properly Cleanse Your Scalp

When many people think of shampooing, they often believe they should only target their hair strands for cleansing. This is a common misconception. It is the scalp that needs to be cleansed. As the scalp is shampooed, excess lather should flow through the hair to cleanse it. If you failing to properly wash your scalp, your hair won’t truly be clean.

Consequence of Neglecting the Scalp

Leaving your scalp dirty for an extended amount of time can lead to it becoming unhealthy. Excessively oily hair, thinning, slow hair growth, and dandruff can all result from having an unhealthy scalp. Remember, your scalp is skin. Just like the rest of your body, it can become dry, irritated, or develop fungal infections if it’s not properly cared for.

How to Properly Clean Your Scalp

A healthy scalp that is regularly shampooed — at least once per week — will foster the growth of beautiful hair that is strong and lustrous. Fortunately, cleansing your scalp is fairly simple. While you’re in the shower, be sure to rise your scalp and hair thoroughly, apply shampoo directly to the scalp and massage it in with your fingertips in a circular motion. Doing so helps stimulate blood circulation and loosens any flakes or debris from your scalp. Be sure not to deliberately scratch your scalp with your nails, as this can cause irritation and small cuts.

After your scalp is clean, you can repeat the process. Make sure you let the excess suds flow from your scalp to the ends of your hair. You will know when you have rinse out the shampoo thoroughly when  the water runs clear. Follow up with a regular conditioner or deep conditioner when finished.

How do you maintain a clean scalp. Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.

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