Five Foods to Boost Hair Growth

Hair loss affects millions of men and women each year, making a person feel self-conscious about their appearance. Though there are plenty of hair loss remedies on the market, much of these are full of chemicals that can cause risks to a person’s health. Instead of taking medications and applying chemicals, it can be beneficial to take a natural approach by encouraging hair growth through food.

hair growth

Here are five foods that can increase hair growth:

1) Flaxseed is a food that is beneficial for the health of the body, particularly the hair and skin. Flaxseed promotes healthy hair growth because it contains essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body so they must be found in the food a person eats. With these fatty acids, hair growth is healthier, shinier and more beautiful.

2) Collagen is crucial for wrapping the hair shaft in protection to help prevent breaks and split ends. Vitamin C is a crucial element for collagen production. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons can dramatically increase the vitamin C levels in the body so it can produce the right level of collagen. As the hair shaft is fully protected with collagen, it will be healthier than ever before.

3) Brown rice is a great source of biotin, which is essential for helping to prevent hair loss. Eating this food will encourage a healthy scalp and hair growth because it provides the body with the essential B-complex it must have for healthy hair and skin. Consuming brown rice on a regular basis can increase biotin levels without the need for diet supplementation.

4) Keratin is an important protein that is found in hair. Without the right level of keratin, the structure of the hair shaft will be weak, causing the hair to not only break easily but to also be too thin. Consuming cabbage and swiss chard can allow a person to increase the keratin levels in their hair. When these leafy greens are consumed raw, the Methylsulfonylmethane levels are even greater, for increased keratin production.

5) Zinc is a beneficial mineral that aids in hair growth and helps to ensure the hair stays healthy and strong. A good source of food that contains zinc is eggs. Not only can a person eat eggs to improve the health of their hair, they can also apply egg yolks directly to their hair for beautiful shine and increased strength.

Making these five food choices a part of your diet can help you to avoid hair loss and increase hair growth so you can have the thick head of glorious hair you have always been longing for. Begin incorporating these foods into your diet and see how they can dramatically change your hair health.

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*Disclaimer: Always check with your medical provider before making any changes to your diet*

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