Five Gym Hairstyles

gym hairstylesWorking out in the gym with hair hanging on your face can make the exercise pretty uncomfortable and not fun as it should be. However, this does not mean that you can not pull off a chic look at the gym. There are cute hairstyles for the gym which you can also retain for the whole day as you head to work or embark on your daily activities.


They are the most common type of hairdo for the gym and among the oldest. They are very convenient as they ensure that there is no hair hanging on your face, neck or any other place that will cause discomfort as you work out. It is cute and can work well for other activities such as going out on a date or running errands.

Ponytail with Hair Wrap

It is with no doubt one of the easiest ways to dress-up an ordinary ponytail before you hit the gym. It is simple as the hair is all tied up in a pony and a small amount of hair is twirled to wrap up the ponytail and hide the hair tie. A bobby or hair pin may be used to make the wrap tighter.

The Triple French Braid

It is a fun and elegant style for the gym. The hair is braided into three sections and then made tighter with the use of a bobby pin. The braids are can be collected at the center and then made into a ponytail.

Braided Pigtails

They work well especially if you have a hat and will make the workouts at the gym manageable by keeping hair out of your face. The hair is divided into two sections then braided loosely on each side. Secure with a elastic or hair tie with no metal.

Ponytail with Side French Braid

The combination of the two styles makes the hairdo both chic and elegant. It is also very easy to make and can be used during other daily activities apart from the gym. Simply, create a side french braid or oversized cornrow on one side of your head then gather and secure the rest of the hair in a ponytail. Voila!

These hair styles will definitely upgrade your overall look in the gym as well as give you the confidence you need to tackle even the hardest and challenging workouts with ease. Be creative and try out these amazing hairstyles for the gym. Tell us in the comments about your favorite gym hairstyle.


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