Five Reasons to Use Henna In Your Hair

use henna

Disclaimer: It is important to only use henna with body art quality or 100%  pure henna powder.

Have you heard of henna? Most people think of body art or tattoos when henna is mentioned.  However, henna spans more than just decor for the body. Did you know you can use henna in your hair regimen? You can. In fact, henna is healthy for your hair as it is derived from a natural plant. It has been used in hair regimens for centuries and is still widely used today.

Works with all hair types

A welcome relief to many is the fact henna works well with all hair types. If your hair is like mine, then it is frizzy, unruly, and dry.  Now in order to combat dryness, you will want to add moisturizing ingredients like honey, coconut milk, olive oil, and/or unsweetened yogurt to your henna mix before applying.

A natural conditioner

Henna is also a natural conditioner. It can add strength to your delicate hair strands like a protein conditioner. Everyone’s hair is different so you will need to try a few recipes to discover which ingredients work well for your hair type when using it as a conditioner.

It’s a healthier way to dye hair

Henna is an excellent for hair dyeing, especially if you enjoy a reddish color. If your grays are causing you to have sleepless nights, henna is what you need. Save your hair the added stress of chemicals and other toxins. Simply whip up a mixture using water, apple cider vinegar, and henna powder and apply it on your hair. Leave it on for two hours, shampoo your hair and then condition well after.

use henna

Promotes hair growth

Due to henna’s strengthening properties, your hair will tend to break less. Hence, the appearance of your hair gaining length. When your hair is breaking less then you are retaining your hair growth more effectively.

Keeps your scalp clean

Healthy hair starts with a healthy, clean scalp. Henna is excellent at maintaining a pH balance on the scalp. This can be a welcome relief for those who suffer from scalp issues like dandruff.

Have you used henna? Let us know how it has benefited your hair in the comments.

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