Five Ways To Avoid Clogging Your Drains with Hair

avoid clogging your drainWhen it comes to plumbing issues, one of the biggest problems are clogged drains. The most common drain clog is hair. As we shower or take a bath, some of our hair will naturally come out. Over time the hair can build up in drains and cause them to be clogged. Today, we are going to learn five ways to avoid clogged drains.

Five Way to Avoid Clogging Your Drain

Use drain traps

If you are worried about clogging your drains with hair, then you should install some traps in your shower and bathtub. This will help stop hair from going down the drain. But remember to clean your traps at least once a week.

Detangle your hair before you get in the shower

It is always a good idea to detangle your hair before you get in the shower or tub. This will help prevent hair from getting in your drains.

Never flush hair down the toilet

When cleaning your tub or shower of hair, remember to always throw it in the trash. Never flush it down the toilet because it could clog your toilet the same way it clogs your other drains.

Uses a fabric softener sheet to keep hair out of the drain

When taking a shower, a great way to keep hair out of the drain is by placing a fabric softer sheet over it. This will block the hair and cleanup is very easy.

Have your drains inspected

If it’s been a long time since your last drain inspection, you should get one done. By having your drains inspected every few years, you can prevent clogs and backups. During the inspection, a professional drain cleaner will remove any build up that may occur over the years.

Follow these five simple tips and you won’t have to worry about your drains getting clogged with hair.

Do you have any tips to avoiding clogged drains? Let us know in the comments.

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