Hair Parting and Face Shape

hair partingHair parting is part of grooming as it can change your physical appearance. The trick to perfecting your hair parting is in knowing what suits your face shape.

There are various face shapes which include round, square, oval, heart and diamond. It is very hard for a person to neatly fall into one of the categories, but you can find one that is closest to yours.

Below are the best hair partings for each face shape.

Face Shapes

Round face – People with round faces should go for a deep side parting to show off your best side. You should consider how deep your side parting needs to be to create symmetry and avoid appearing overly round.

Heart shaped face – This type of face is widest at the cheeks, and therefore you should opt for a center or off-center part as it complements this face shape perfectly.

Square shaped face – Just like the round face, people with square shaped face need a fairly deep side parting. This is because square-shaped faces have an angular jaw and a squared forehead and this kind of hair parting will ensure soft layers fall across the face hence disguise the harshness of the angles

Oval face – This face shape is the best when it comes to choosing hair parting; this is because any parting style suits this face shape. With this face shape, you can experiment with all the parting styles, and you will look awesome. You can change your parting whenever you want, and each parting will make you have a new look.

Diamond shaped face – Diamond shaped faces look good in a side parting, as it complements your cheekbones. This face best accommodates short hair since most people with this face shape have small foreheads.

No matter what parting works best for your face shape, a rat tail comb works best to achieve the look. We recommend a wide-tooth rat tail comb. Say goodbye to crooked parts.

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