Hair Tip: Hair and Cold Weather

hair and cold weatherThe cold is here. The fall season began on September 22, 2015 in the Northern Hemisphere and winter is fast-approaching. Usually we remember to add more layers to our body to keep warm, but we often forget how our hair and cold weather don’t mix. Our hair needs extra pampering in the colder months.

It is best to avoid allowing your hair to sweep around on fabrics such as wool and cotton. These fabrics keep us cozy when the temperature drops, but they can be harsh on our hair. They can strip the natural oils in our hair and dry out it out, especially on the ends and nape. Also breakage is likely to occur when these fabrics pull at individual strands.

The colder weather can directly affect our hair as well. Low humidity makes our hair drier due to the lack of moisture in the air. Whipping winds can also strip our hair of moisture and can cause tangles. The drier and more tangled your hair becomes, the more trims and manipulation from brushing and/or combing you will need to do.

Opt to wear your hair in protective hairstyles to protect your hair from harsh fabrics and the elements. A nice braided hairstyle (see picture) is not only chic but keeps your head warm and off your shoulders; protected from the elements. If you own a hat made with these fabrics, opt to line it with a hair-friendly fabrics such as satin and silk. Utilizing a masque, deep conditioner, and a light oil (e.g., coconut oil) is recommended to combat dryness.

Remember: Lengthy hair is not achieved by just growing our hair from the scalp, but also by retaining our growth over time.

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