Hair Trends: Rainbow Hair And Hidden Rainbow Roots

rainbow hair

The next time that you decide you want to try color. Ask yourself, are you going to go with the same old boring style that everyone else has or are you willing to try something completely new and exciting? If you are open minded and the type of person that enjoys partaking in the latest hair trends, then you will choose the latter. That being said, there are two new electrifying 2017 hair trends that are taking the world by storm: rainbow hair and hidden rainbow roots.

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow hair is a fashionable way to express yourself. In the past this colorful style was mainly limited to the punk rock scene. Now, a great deal of celebrities and even a variety of women in mainstream society have adopted the look. It is a fun way to show your unique side. So what exactly is rainbow hair? In essence it is having your locks died either in a bright or pastel color or multiple colors that are outside of the normal range of black, brown, blonde, and gray.

Various shades of blue, green, pink, purple, and bright yellows are now dominating the hair color landscape. There is literally a rainbow of possibilities for you to choose from. If the rainbow hair trend has yet to reach your city or town do not worry. It will be there soon, that is all but guaranteed. Perhaps you are the brave one that will start the trend, and why not? In this day and age women are absolutely encouraged to dare to be different.

Hidden Rainbow Roots

For those of you that would like to partake in the rainbow hair trend, but require a subtler look, there is good news for you as well. The other 2017 hair trend is called hidden rainbow roots. It enables you to experiment with wild and crazy hair colors, yet you do not need to fully commit to the look. In essence, hidden rainbow roots is a hair dying technique that actually hides the various shades of blue, green, pink, purple, and bright yellow under a drape of a more natural shade such as black, brown, blonde, or gray.

This provides you with the ability to reveal the rainbow of colors when you choose to. For example, hidden rainbow roots are typically located in areas that cannot be seen unless your hair is up, parted, or swept to the side. They can also be placed in layers in order to provide the so-called “peek-a-boo” look. A crucial aspect of this process is to keep colors vibrant without blending together.

Proceed with Caution

As always if you choose to have a little fun with your hair, make sure your hair is healthy. Deep condition often. And consider the upkeep of maintaining any new color. These two new hair trends are fun and visually stimulating. But you will likely need to use bleach. So proceed with caution. And due to the complexity of this hair trend, it is best to go to a professional with extensive experience.

If you do decide to try this hair trend, send us pictures. We would love to see. See the below video of an example of hidden rainbow roots.

Video Credit: PIXEL | Youtube

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