Holiday Hairstyle

The holiday season is the perfect time to have fun and play with festive hairstyles. Christmas is the time for all things that glitter and sparkle, and hairstyles offer the perfect palette. No matter if your hair is long, short, or any length in between, a few holiday hairstyle
simple touches to a pretty style and you will be ready for every holiday get-together from office parties to family dinners. Here are a few ideas to play with to create your own signature holiday look:

Long Hair

For long hair, try adding some voluminous, glamorous curls a la a curling iron or wand – a classic holiday hairstyle. You also can opt for some waves. This can be done with a flatiron or wand, but we would recommend a heat-free styling technique such as a braid-out. You can dress up long, glamorous curls or sweeping waves by entwining them with bits of ribbon in holiday colors or decorated with seasonal prints like snowflakes. Pull  your hair over your shoulders ( see above picture) for a dramatic effect.

Shoulder-Length Hair

A few sparkly barretts and hair clips help you create a fun, flirty style and express your holiday spirit. Pull back a section of hair at the top front and pin it back from your face holiday hairstylewith a glittery hair clip or pin it back behind your ears with a pair of hair combs decorated with holiday-colored jewels or glued-on confetti in snowman or Santa shapes.

You can also give yourself an off-centered part and add curls for something fun and sophisticated (see picture to the left).

Short Hair

Have fun with your short, flirty style by keeping your tresses sleek and adorned with a sparkly headband. Or create a few curls here and there and pin them in place with a bobby pin, 20s Flapper style. Finger waves can be festive all on their own because they are so original they call to mind special occasions and celebrations.

Any hair length or style becomes a holiday accessory with the addition of cute braids, pretty curls, sophisticated waves, and a bit of holiday dazzle. All things jeweled and sparkly are perfect nestled in shiny, creative hair. ‘Tis the Season, so sparkle it up!

What is going to be your holiday hairstyle? Let us know in the comments.

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