Hot Summer Hairstyle: See What These Four Celebs Just Did!

hairstyleAre you searching for a little summer inspiration for your ‘do? Looking for the perfect summer hairstyle can be a challenge. Check out the latest in celebrity hairstyles to get a few ideas!

Katie Holmes: The Bob

The bob wasn’t really an acceptable hair fashion for women until the 1920s, when stars like Louise Brooks and Colleen Moore tested style with their short locks.

Katie Holmes recently stepped out with a bob, and she’s been spotted wearing it curly and sleek at various events. Rumor has it, she’s donned the ‘do for her upcoming film, All We Had. We think the bob makes a great summer cut – cool and chic!

Selena Gomez: The Lob

Think Pantene spokesmodels must have long locks? Selena Gomez literally made news when she lobbed hers off. The new Pantene spokesmodel is now sporting a cute and sexy lob style that is catching on!

The lob, which is basically a long bob, is a great compliment to virtually any shaped face, meaning that anyone can confidently wear this cut. It’s light and breezy, and we think it’s one of the best summer cuts!

Ariana Grande: The Bunty

Ariana Grande has given her signature top-knot ‘do a nickname: the bunty. It’s a bun that she wears high atop her head, and it’s catching the eyes of people everywhere. Most recently, she wore the bunty in a promotion for her upcoming fragrance, Ari. She’s also known for her cute ponytails and simplistic hairstyles, and we really think any of these styles are great for summertime fun!

Lewis Hamilton: Cornrows

Ok, ladies, this one is purely for your enjoyment! If you’re not already familiar with him, Lewis Hamilton is a leading Formula One driver. The British driver has also become known as somewhat of a fashion icon. Recently, he posted a pic of his brand new cornrows. He was enjoying vacation in Barbados. If you care to look up photos, he’s most certainly shirtless.

All of these favorite summer hairstyles came onto the scene this week, and we think they’re going to inspire lots and lots of people! What do you think – will you be rocking the bob, lob, or bunty this summer?

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