How to Get Heatless Curls

heatless curlsAlthough most people use curling irons and blow dryers to curl their hair, heat tools can damage your hair making it look rough and frizzy. There are a few methods you can use to curl your hair without heat. Pick which method works best for your length, texture, hair color, and face shape. Put down the heat and start rocking heatless curls!


Braiding is usually compatible with a variety of hair textures. We will discuss the common plait. There are many methods so choose which one works best for you. On damp hair comb your hair gently to remove any tangles. Add a leave in conditioner or serum to the hair. Then divide your hair into small sections. We will use two for this example. Braid a plait on each side of the head. After you’ve completed braiding each part, use a hair tie to fasten each of the ends.

Then, you need to wait until the hair dries so the  waves can set. We recommend overnight, but this process can be completed in a few hours. When your hair is dry, you need to remove the hair tie and gently unbraid your hair. Finally, run your fingers through the hair to have natural looking waves.

Use Rollers

For this method, you need to have rollers in your house. You can buy different versions of them from a beauty shop or any drug store — depending on the length of your hair. If you have long hair, you need big rollers to create lengthy curls while small rollers will create small or tight curl.

Start with a shampoo and condition. When done, blot your hair without rubbing and then gently comb throughout to ensure there are no tangles. To create the curls, you can add a leave in conditioner, mousse, or settling lotion. Then roll up only a small section of your hair at a time until your head is covered with rollers. Make sure you roll in the direction you want the curl to fall. If in doubt, read the manufacturer’s directions. We recommend starting at the nape, but everyone has their own method. Leave the rollers in  for a few hours (at least four) and then remove the rollers carefully after your hair is completely dry. Now style to your face shape.

Pin Curls

Pin curls can help you to create heatless curls. It is best to use this method on clean, dry hair. To create pin curls, start twisting the hair into one-inch sections starting from your forehead. Pretend you are curling the hair on a imaginary roller. After you are done curling, secure with either a hair pin, bobby pin, or metal clip. Wait at least four hours for the hair to set. Remember, you should carefully start unraveling the strands of your hair from the back of your head.

Side Buns

You don’t have to wash your hair unless it’s dirty. However, you should detangle it and separate it into two sections. Twist each of the sections tautly and then wrap it onto itself. To prevent the hair from untwisting, use a hair tie and repeat on the other side. Think Princess Leia’s buns.

If your hair is dry, then you will need to let it set for a few hours. If your hair was damp, then let your hair dry overnight before you remove the buns. You will have beautiful loose curls. Buns are easy to work with if you have long hair and a round or oval face.

Use a T-shirt

This method is used to make tight curls. First wash your hair, comb through to remove any tangles and then blot it with a towel.  Add any serum or apply leave-in conditioner you like.

You will then need to make strips from a T-shirt. The strips should be made from the torso area of the T-shirt and not the sleeves. Cut as many strips as possible with the width of the strips being determined by the type of curls you want to have. For tiny curls, the strips should be about 1 inch wide while for bigger and looser curls the strip width should be 3 inches.

When you have got the strips, comb a separate section of your hair and roll up the strip from the root of the hair. After you’ve rolled that part of your hair, tie the end of the strip to keep it tight. You are supposed to repeat the same procedure until you’ve rolled your hair. Leave it for a few hours or overnight before you untie and loosen your hair. When untying, you should do it gently if you want tight curls. However, if you would like to have looser curls, use a wide-toothed comb to create waves.

Do you have a method you would like to share? Let us know in the comments. We would also love to see pictures if you have tried any of the above methods.

6 thoughts on “How to Get Heatless Curls”

  1. Natural, hassle free and easiest solution to get heatless curls! Initially, I thought, it won’t work perfectly for me but using pin curl method, did magic for me. I am very impressed with your knowledge!

  2. I’ve always found curls really pretty and one of my hair goals, probably because my hair is naturally straight. When I go out and feel like flaunting some curls, I definitely use rollers. Although, this is the first time I’ve -thought about the t-shirt method now that you guys have shared about it. I’ll try it out next time, thank you for this!

  3. I have already given a try to pin curls and side buns methods and both procedures go really well with my hair and give perfect curls. The method of using t-shirt looks innovative and I am pretty sure it will work for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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