Jewelry and Hair

Everyone wears some form of jewelry. No matter if it is expensive or not, jewelry is art. It is a non-Jewelry and Hairverbal way for people around the world over to express themselves. Not to mention, jewelry  looks great on us.

Jewelry has many positives; however, when it comes to hair, there are a few negatives. Jewelry and hair don’t always play well together. In fact, jewelry can cause harm to your hair if you are not careful. 

Ring, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets can all snag and pull your delicate strands out. You must be mindful when running your fingers through your hair – regardless of length. Certain necklace chains can intertwine with long strands creating knots or cause possible breakage.

The best way to combat any hair issues when it comes to jewelry is to be vigilant and cautious. If a ring constantly snags your hair, you may have to change hairstyles, find a style that is less likely to snag, or simple avoid wearing that particular piece of jewelry. Ultimately, this is a choice you must make for yourself in order to reach your lengthy hair goals.

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