Let the Damaged Ends Go!

damaged endsSee through…




These are the words used to describe damaged ends. Lengthy hair should be celebrated, but if you are holding on to damaged ends to achieve it, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Damaged ends are un-attractive, unsightly, and will distract onlookers from your hair’s beauty. Not to mention, it will cause further damage to the rest of your hair via split ends and breakage.

You can solve the dilemma of having damaged ends by first researching the reason it is happening in the first place.

Are you manipulating your hair too much by combing and/or brushing? Are you applying too many chemicals (e.g., relaxers, Japanese straightening, color, bleach, etc.)? Should you buy new hair tools? Are you using too much heat or conditioning too little? Are you not protecting your hair while you sleep? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Once you discover the cause, then you need to do yourself a favor by trimming your hair. In short, cut it off. You can start small if you are scared, but it would be best to rid your tresses of the damage all together. Your hair will grow back and it will be healthier.

As your hair grows back you should not see the damage return if you have corrected what was causing it. If it does, then you either did not find the cause or a new one has emerged.


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3 thoughts on “Let the Damaged Ends Go!”

  1. I have a broken hair which has started but don’t no the cost of it so I need solutions for it

    1. Welcome to Lengthy Hair, Kyei. If you don’t know the cause of your breakage, it is best to start alternating with a mild protein and moisturizing deep conditioner. Also analyze your use of chemicals (e.g., relaxers, color, etc.). Try lessening the usage of these chemicals until you slow the breakage. Please stay tuned to Lengthyhair.com for more suggestions.

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