Let’s Talk About Hair Edges and Baby Hairs

hair edges Hair edges and baby hairs are all the rage! Some people even have elaborate techniques for styling them. At Lengthyhair.com, we just care about you having edges and encourage you to avoid tight hairstyles like braids, weaves, and tight ponytails, which can thin or destroy your hair over time.

Laying Your Edges Down

If you want to smooth or lay your edges down, we recommend you use a nourishing hair balm or pomade. Our favorite hair balm at the moment is the Taliah Waajid Curls, Waves, and Naturals Hairline Help 2 in 1 . Not only does a little go a long way, but one container will last for a long time.

To lay your edges down, you can either smooth the hair product of your choice between your fingers and gently apply or place a small amount on the bristles of a boar brush and lightly brush. Your edges should be nice and smooth. You can also follow up by wrapping a scarf around your edges to set the style.

Lay Down the Baby Hairs Too?

hair edgesNow some people go more in depth with smoothing their hair edges and baby hairs. Don’t be surprise to see some people whipping out the toothbrush to get sleek. If this works for you, then continue using that technique.  We just do not encourage constant manipulation of the hair as it can be fragile. The use of hair spray, gels with alcohol, or other harsh ingredients should be avoid as well.

Always remember to choose health over looks. Treat your hair, baby  hairs, and edges like fine lace. Regrowing damaged hair edges is not impossible but can be challenging. Happy Hair Growing!

What is your favorite product for smoothing your hair edges and baby hairs? Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post is not sponsored. Just a product purchased with personal funds and used on a regular basis.

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