Do you “listen” to your hair?

Just like the rest of your body, your hair will tell you if it is in good health or not. You just have to pay attention and “listen”. Many times people can get complacent or fall back on a designated schedule to maintain their tresses when their hair is stating otherwise. Don’t get caught in that cycle.

In example:

If your hair is oily and smelly, then it is time for a good washing. Don’t wait until a designated time has passed.

If your hair is dry like hay, then it is time for a deep conditioner or mask. Hair loves conditioner. It is the best way to moisturize the hair. You can’t go wrong applying a moisturizing conditioner and leaving it on for 30 minutes under a plastic cap or bag.

If your ends are see through, then it is time for a trim. Don’t hold on to stringy ends because you have reached a hair goal. Let them go. They will grow back fuller and healthier.

If your hair is constantly tangling, step back and analyze what is causing it. Are you moisturizing enough, detangling a certain way, or wearing a hair style your hair disagrees with?

If you can “stretch” or hold off on chemical service safely a week or two, then do it. Don’t stress your hair out by smothering it with chemicals often because “it is time”. Give your hair a break if you can safely do so.

If you see small, broken pieces of your hair in the sink or on the floor, then condition more, be gentle, and moisturize. Don’t ignore breakage. Breakage will destroy your lengthy hair goals. Find the problem and acquire a solution.

If your hair is getting progressive thinner or falling out, then it is time to seek a medical professional! encourages a low manipulation and a “listen to your hair” mantra. We believe in a less is more approach.


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