My 2020 Lengthy Hair Goals

2020 Lengthy Hair GoalsI am so blessed to see 2020, and I want this year to be the most successful year on my hair journey. I strongly believe this will be the year I reach hip-length! I have never reached hip-length before, so this will be exciting. Below is how I plan to reach my 2020 lengthy hair goals.

Hair Regimen

My regimen will be kept simple, and I don’t plan to deviate from it as it served me well in 2019:

  • Cowash or wash my hair weekly 
  • Deep condition weekly 
  • Henna every four weeks
  • Take my daily biotin capsule
  • Use heat sparingly 
  • Protective style (buns mostly) 
  • Detangle from the ends to roots gently
  • Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly
  • Trim when necessary 

As a reminder, I don’t have any chemicals in my hair. My hair is at its best without them.

My Process

To track my progress, I plan to take before and after pictures. My beginning photo was taken at the beginning of the year, and my end photo will be taken on December 31, 2020.

Beginning photo (apologies for the quality):

2020 Lengthy Hair Goals
Beginning photo – DO NOT COPY!

I plan to do a better job of measuring my hair this year. Based on my body, I am about three to four inches away from my natural waist (see above picture). Barring no setbacks, I hope to reach full waist-length by August. Then I will move on to hip-length!

Bookmark this page and stay tuned to Lengthy Hair® for my updates. HHG!

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