Natural Remedies to Fix Dry Scalp

Fix Dry ScalpA healthy scalp is essential. Having a dry, flaky or itchy scalp is not only uncomfortable but a red flag for an underlying issue. A fungal infection, harsh shampoos, environmental conditions, and excess use of hair products are just a few ways scalp issues can occur. In order to fix a problematic scalp, you first have to rule out any medical issues. We highly encourage you to meet with a dermatologist or medical doctor. If it is found that you don’t have a medical issue, then try these tips to get your scalp back on track.

Apply Conditioners and Styling Products Correctly

Keep conditioners and styling products off the scalp. This may seem like an easy tip, but it needs to be repeated. All of us can be heavy- handed with hair products from time to time. But try to apply conditioners and styling products at least a half of inch from the scalp. Over time if you apply hair products to the scalp and don’t properly remove them, it can cause build up. So don’t apply directly to the scalp and when you rinse the conditioner, rinse thoroughly.

Massage Your Troubles Away

Give yourself a relaxing massage. You don’t need any hair tools – just use the pads of your fingertips. Using an oil while massaging is beneficial. Tea tree oil would be a great oil to use due to its anti-fungal and cooling properties. The massages will help loosen flakes and alleviate the dryness by getting the natural (and added) oils flowing. Please check out our post on scalp massages and hair growth.

Drink More Water

Water helps hydrate the inside of our body. Before reaching for any “miracle” products for the scalp, consider drinking more water. Drinking plenty of water will naturally moisturize your scalp.

Use Lower Temperatures

A hot blow dryer. Hot showers. These things will dry your hair and scalp out significantly. Lower the temperature of the water when you wash your hair. When you finish washing and conditioning, pat dry and dry your hair naturally. If you must blow dry, use a low or cool setting.

Invest in a Humidifier

Add humidity to your home. Humidifiers help to infuse the air with moisture. This is key during the winter months. Run one in a room you spend the most time in like the bedroom.

These tips are not all-inclusive, but a start. Would you like to share a tip on how to alleviate dry scalp? Let us know in the comments.

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