Newest Trend: Graffiti Hair

Graffiti Hair is the latest hair trend for this summer. It has been popularize by hair stylist Janine Ker. This beautiful hairstyle got its inspiration from the popular and artistic street graffiti. However, there is also another special feature that makes this hairstyle awesome. That is because it is temporary and will come off when you wash it. Since it is very easy to create, it means you can have a new hairstyle each day. The choice of spray hair color and your natural hair color will determine the different graffiti styles you can wear.

Graffiti Hair

How to create Graffiti Hair

To create the graffiti hairstyle, you will need a temporary hair spray and some stencils that are readily available in a DIY/craft shop. This design allows you to go out as soon as you are done creating your hairstyle. That is because the spray dries out faster than you would expect.

The results might look complex and amazing, but you should not worry. The stencils do most of the work. If for example, you want to create hearts, circles or star graffiti patterns, you only need to buy stencils that have those shapes. If you wish to create patterns of different colors but using the same shapes, you just buy different color sprays.

How to perfect your Graffiti Hair

You will have to decide where you want to graffiti your hair. Some choose to do it at the bottom, others at the middle and others at the top. The middle section should be perfect for most people. That is because it the most visible section of your hair, whether it is short or long.

You can try smiley faces or pink hearts. They convey emotions clearly, and they are easy to create. Try a few different styles before your know your best graffiti hair style. You will also get to know the section of your hair where it looks great. These graffiti hair sprays make temporary graffiti patterns that can be washed off; your hair will always remain healthy and well textured.

Choose sprays only containing hair friendly natural dyes. Hair chalks may work as well.


Photo credit: janine_ker_hair | Twitter

Video credit: BuzzFeedYellow | Youtube

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