Patience with Hair Growth

patienceIn the modern world, people want things fast! Patience is often forgotten in a world where most things can be obtain quickly. Even when it comes to hair, some people don’t have the patience to grow their own hair. They opt for extensions, weaves, and wigs for an instant long hairstyle, despite the fact, it can sometimes come at a cost.

Remember hair is constantly growing (with the exception of severe follicle damage and genetic conditions like male patterned baldness). When we sleep and when we are busy going about our daily work – our hair is growing. Human hair on average will grow six inches in a year. Most of us want to have waist length hair tomorrow, but the truth is it will take time. Whether your hair is long or short right now, remember you need to have patience. Patience is needed when waiting for your hair to grow and managing your hair once it has grown.

Who hasn’t seen a person ripping through their hair with a brush or comb. Those poor hair strands. Treat your hair gently like you would for a newborn baby. Your hair isn’t steel. Breakage is the nemesis of lengthy hair. Focus on the hair already present and retention instead of the hair growth yet to come. Retaining hair is the key to long hair. If we need to trim less and our hair is breaking less, the more hair will remain on our heads.

Be good to your hair and it will be good to you!


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