Product Review: Hair Tie

photoWhat is one of the best ways to secure your hair in a ponytail or bun?

Give up?

The answer is: It a hair tie (see picture).

What is a Hair Tie?

A hair tie has elasticity. The elasticity help secure designated hairstyles with ease. Depending on your hair texture and density, you may have to loop the hair tie around once or twice for thicker hair while a finer texture may need to be looped around three times.

The texture of a hair tie is not rubbery like a rubber band. It is smooth. It should never snag, constantly fall out of your hair, or pull your hair strands out. Snagging and pulling hair strands can cause breakage. Breakage will eventually result in damage, which will stunt your lengthy hair goal.

Tips on Hair Ties

Accessibility to hair ties is also a plus! They can be found in the hair care aisle at your local grocery or big box store, beauty supply, and shops on the internet. They range in price between $2 – $5 (USD).

Some other things you should consider about hair ties:

  • – At all costs, also avoid hair ties with metal closures. Metal closures can also cause damage over time.
  • – Over time a hair tie may lose its elasticity. Throw them out at this point.
  • – Don’t secure elastics too tight, especially around the hair line and nape.
  • – When wearing a ponytail or single braid, secure elastics about one to two inches from the end.
  • – Switch the position of your hairstyles.

Stay tuned to for my tips.

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