PSA: When You Should Visit a Dermatologist

visit a dermatologistAt, we are here to help. We get countless emails from individuals around the world concerning their hair journey. Sometimes the emails will voice the concern of extensive hair loss or scalp issues. Although it is our goal to assist everyone in their lengthy hair journey, sometimes the job is significant, and you will need to visit a dermatologist.

You Care about Your Hair

Most of us care about our appearance. The way our hair looks is essential to not only our self-esteem but self-image. Sudden hair loss or scalp issues can impact our psychological well-being significantly.

If you are dealing with any medical concerns with your hair or scalp, it can be tempting to turn to a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. A lot of people can get embarrassed about the problems they face when it comes to their hair and scalp. However, the best person to get advice for hair and scalp concerns is a dermatologist.

A Dermatologist Knows Best

Not only is a dermatologist educated to treat the skin, hair, and nails, but they can also perform tests to diagnose. Tests that neither you or a stranger can do over the phone or internet.

When it comes to hair and scalp issues, there are a plethora of factors (including but not limited to age, gender, ethnicity, hairstyle(s), lifestyle, etc.) that can contribute to hair loss, flakiness, or inflammation. With all the unique and individual qualities that make you who you are,  it is best to go to a specialist.

In Conclusion

While the internet, including our own website, can be a vast resource for learning how to grow and retain lengthy hair, it is best to stick with the professionals when experiencing medical concerns. You need someone who can physically examine and diagnose you in person after focusing on your individual needs. HHG!

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