Hair Pins Can Be Your Friend

Many people have heard of bobby pins. Bobby pins are tight and double-pronged pins. They are wonderful if you need your hairstyle to be tout and stay in place. However, the construction and material used to make a bobby pin practical can also cause damage. When the outer coating starts to strip away the metal and double-pronged design of the bobby pin can cause damage to your hair by snagging it.


A safer pin to use for hair styling is the simple hair pin or what can be referred to as open-mouth pin (see above picture).

These pins can also hold hairstyles in place. You just need to know how to use them effectively. When placing the hair pin in the hair, slide it in halfway, then move the pin 180 degrees and continue to slide the pin into your hair. This way, the pin remains securely in your hair. Remember, practice makes perfect and whenever the pin’s coating start to rub off, toss them in the trash. Your hair strands will thank you.

Cheers to your lengthy hair goals!

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