Should you use rubber bands on your hair?

Rubber bands and hair do not mix.

Rubber bands have many uses. The internet is full of websites promoting the many ways to utilize a rubber band. To name a few: they can hold rolled up posters, bunch pens and pencils together, and even be used as a makeshift sling shot to playfully pluck a friend.

However, when it comes to hair, a rubber band should never be used. Not even in an emergency. Why? It will pull and break your hair off.

The construction of a rubber band is what makes it an arch nemesis to your lengthy hair goals.

Rubber bands

A rubber band can stretch easily in all directions, which can wrap around delicate strands. The texture of a rubber band is not smooth or rough, but it has grip. The grip can pull out strands, especially when trying to remove a rubber band from your hair. Not to mention, if you secure a rubber band tightly, then it will place un-necessary tension on that area of your hair, which can be stressful.

If you need to place your hair in a ponytail or bun, try using a hair tie. It is made of elastic. Similar in many ways to a rubber band, but more forgiving to your hair strands. You can buy elastics everywhere. A grocery chain, the pharmacy, big box stores, and the internet are a few places.

Be good to your hair and it will be good to you.


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