Shears for Trimming Your Hair

We spoke about banishing damaged ends and trimming your ends before the new year.


Based on those recommendation, some people have emailed us inquiring about a good pair of shears to rid their split and damaged ends.

After a period of consideration, we are going to recommend Equinox Professional Razor Series. These shears are not too pricey ($15.99) for our cost-conscience followers and people have given great feedback about them. They are also sharp and cut hair easily without ripping. Made with Japanese stainless steel.

The shears are comfortable in your hand, which is important if you tend to give a lot hair cuts at home. Not to mention, the free leather zipper case that comes with it. We are big about storing your shears properly. Take care of your shears and they will take care of your hair.

Always remember to trim your hair responsibly!


Photo credit: Photo from Bing images

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