Six Ways to Combat Frizzy Hair

frizzy hairAre you searching for the best ways to combat frizzy hair? For most of us, we may love our waves, curls, and coils. However, when it comes to the frizz, most of us find ourselves looking for the best solutions on how to tame it. This post gives you six ways on how to prevent frizzy hair.

Use Shampoo That Contains Glycerin and Is Sulfate Free

Use a shampoo brand that contains glycerin as its top ingredient. Glycerin helps to tame frizzy hair by penetrating and hydrating it from inside out. Another function it does is creating a protective coating on the hair’s outside, which means that it’s less likely to lose its moisture.

Make Sure You Use Conditioner

One way to combat frizzy hair is to make sure your hair is moisturized. If your hair is properly moisturized, the cuticle will not  open and allow outside moisture in.  Ensure that you search for conditioner brands that contain glycerin and other hydrating agents such as shea butter or aloe vera. You should then apply it mid-lengths down to the ends to prevents your hair’s roots from getting oily.

Avoid Vigorously Towel Drying

Always be gentle with  your hair, but especially when it is wet. After washing your hair, avoid vigorously towel drying. Too much friction can disturb the hair cuticle. Resulting in  frizz and possible damage. Instead, try to gentle squeeze out excess water and then gentle wrap your hair in a towel.

Before Blow-Drying, Let Your Hair Dry 90%

Avoid disturbing your hair strand when it’s drying, since you ensure that it stays smooth. The best way is to let it dry 90%. Another benefit of letting it dry is that when you blow-dry it using a brush, you will get a smoother  finish since the heat will be directed down your hair. The bristles will guide the cuticle, and keeps it straight, ensuring you enjoy smooth hair.

frizzy hair

Master Diffusing

Not intending to blow-fry your tresses? Air drying takes too long? Then you must master the art of diffusing for your curls. Unlike blow drying, diffusing distributes the hair more evenly and less forcefully. This will allow your hair to dry faster without being disturb. End result is less frizz.

Stop Playing In Your Hair

Most of us love our hair, but avoid playing in it. This is especially important if you have curly hair. The more you play in your hair, the more you break up the natural pattern and cause frizz.

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