Summer Hair Challenge 2019

Summer Hair Challenge 2019
Vacationing in Honolulu, Hawaii! | © Meme Hurley 2019

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Aloha Friends,

We took the month of May off for a much-needed vacation! But don’t fear, while we were relaxing on sandy beaches in tropical destinations, we were protective styling the whole time.

We enjoyed giving our tresses a much-needed break so much that we decided to start a Summer Hair Challenge 2019 for the rest of the summer (June – August)!

We are hoping to grow our hair to new lengths by the end of the year and hope all of you join us.

Here are the rules:

  • Take a daily vitamin or hair and nails supplement (check with your doctor first)
  • Limit heat usage
  • Utilize more protect styles (buns, updos, etc.)
  • Massage your scalp daily for 15 minutes
  • Deep condition every time you clean your hair
  • Drink water daily
  • Intake more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise daily for at least for 30 minutes

Now take a picture of your hair length on June 1st and measure it. Then on August 31st take another picture and measure. This will help you accurately determine your hair growth.

Feel free to leave encouragement in the comments and save this page for further updates! Happy Hair Growing!

Stay tuned to for more tips.

If you would like to send financial support, please give back to Lengthy Hair here. Or send money to our Cash App: $MIHMedia. No amount is too little. We are thankful for every dollar.

2 thoughts on “Summer Hair Challenge 2019”

  1. Hi I like this group ,I really like to grow my hair very long but I am in Nigeria ..Do you think mine will ever grow ? I just started to follow.

    1. Hi Princess. Welcome to! As long as you don’t have permanent hair damage, your hair will grow long. Be gentle with it and deep condition regularly. That will be a good start. 🙂

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