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Nails Can Sabotage Your Hair

Nails Can Sabotage Your Hair Did you know that something as minor as unkempt nails can sabotage your hair?

It can.

Broken or chipped nails, hang-nails, peeling nails, etc. can all grab and pull hair strands out of the scalp when your hands come in contact with your hair. Usually running your hand through your hair is done without much thought, but it can hurt when strands are yanked out. This is especially true for people with fine or fragile hair strands.

The best way to remedy pulling out healthy hair strands due to poorly manicured nails is simple: keep a nail file or emery board nearby. When your nails become unsightly, file them down. Your hair strands will thank you.


Photo credit: Stuart Miles | Freedigitalphotos.net