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Why I Love Deep Conditioning Overnight?

deep conditioning overnightWhen I was younger, my mother would take me to a beautician to get my hair done. It was like clockwork. Every two weeks, I would get a shampoo, deep conditioner, and a press and curl.

It always struck me how many times my beautician (Ms. Janice…may she rest in peace) would shampoo my hair. It was usually three soapy lathers, but when it came time to bathe my hair in conditioner she would always use a quarter size. Even then I felt like that amount was too little for all of my luscious curly, coily hair.
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Let’s Talk Hair Retention

hair retention“My hair isn’t growing!” We hear it from our subscribers all of the time. But unless you have a medical issue, your hair is indeed growing. The reason why your hair isn’t flowing down your back is due to a failure of hair retention. Continue reading Let’s Talk Hair Retention