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Hair Trends: Rainbow Hair And Hidden Rainbow Roots

rainbow hair

The next time that you decide you want to try color. Ask yourself, are you going to go with the same old boring style that everyone else has or are you willing to try something completely new and exciting? If you are open minded and the type of person that enjoys partaking in the latest hair trends, then you will choose the latter. That being said, there are two new electrifying 2017 hair trends that are taking the world by storm: rainbow hair and hidden rainbow roots. Continue reading Hair Trends: Rainbow Hair And Hidden Rainbow Roots

Newest Trend: Graffiti Hair

Graffiti Hair is the latest hair trend for this summer. It has been popularize by hair stylist Janine Ker. This beautiful hairstyle got its inspiration from the popular and artistic street graffiti. However, there is also another special feature that makes this hairstyle awesome. That is because it is temporary and will come off when you wash it. Since it is very easy to create, it means you can have a new hairstyle each day. The choice of spray hair color and your natural hair color will determine the different graffiti styles you can wear.

Graffiti Hair
Continue reading Newest Trend: Graffiti Hair