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Avoid Painful Hairstyles

painful hairstylesEvery woman wants to wear versatile hairstyles, including long braids and ponytails. However, you must be careful and avoid tight, painful hairstyles. You can harm your hair strands by pulling your hair too tight. Painful hairstyles will not only cause headaches, but hair loss or traction alopecia over time. A few hairstyles known to cause traction alopecia over time are: tight single (box) braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, ponytails, hair weaves, and extensions. Areas often affected by painful or tight hairstyles are around the hairline, crown, and nape. Over time these areas may result in baldness due to friction and constant pulling. This condition may be difficult to reverse, therefore prevention is the best defense. Wear these beloved, traditional hairstyles cautiously.
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