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Trying Henna for the First Time

hennaAfter we published our wonderful article on henna, I decided to try it on my own hair. I first heard about henna years ago. I was on a hair care forum and a young woman with fine, chemically relaxed, waist length hair was singing praises about this “magical” powder. She claimed it made her hair stronger hence how she could grow her hair so lengthy. But I was skeptical of the benefits of henna and was turned off by hearing how drying it could be as well as the messy application.
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Five Reasons to Use Henna In Your Hair

use henna

Disclaimer: It is important to only use henna with body art quality or 100%  pure henna powder.

Have you heard of henna? Most people think of body art or tattoos when henna is mentioned.  However, henna spans more than just decor for the body. Did you know you can use henna in your hair regimen? You can. In fact, henna is healthy for your hair as it is derived from a natural plant. It has been used in hair regimens for centuries and is still widely used today.
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