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How are Hair Extensions Sourced?

hair extensionsWe don’t discuss hair extensions a lot at LengthyHair.com. We are not against extensions or wigs, but our credence is: natural hair is beautiful! Now “natural hair” can be defined in many ways. We define “natural hair” as hair growing out of one’s scalp. You can add chemicals (i.e. color, relaxer, etc.) or avoid them, but the hair is yours.

With that being said, we understand how hair extensions and wigs can aid women (and men) in various ways. We’ve had people share their personal stories with us on how hair extensions has allowed them to protect their natural hair while they transitioned from a relaxer. And how wigs have helped women maintain their confidence during chemotherapy. When used properly, hair extensions and wigs can be used to aid in hair retention when the natural hair is cared for. Continue reading How are Hair Extensions Sourced?