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Product Review: Hair Tie

photoWhat is one of the best ways to secure your hair in a ponytail or bun?

Give up?

The answer is: It a hair tie (see picture).

What is a Hair Tie?

A hair tie has elasticity. The elasticity help secure designated hairstyles with ease. Depending on your hair texture and density, you may have to loop the hair tie around once or twice for thicker hair while a finer texture may need to be looped around three times.
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Should you use rubber bands on your hair?

Rubber bands and hair do not mix.

Rubber bands have many uses. The internet is full of websites promoting the many ways to utilize a rubber band. To name a few: they can hold rolled up posters, bunch pens and pencils together, and even be used as a makeshift sling shot to playfully pluck a friend.

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