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Let’s Talk About It: Hairexia


Disclaimer: We understand the word hairexia is a term coined from the very serious eating disorder called anorexia. In no way are we making light of the severity of this condition. If you suffer from anorexia, please call the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline at 1-800-931-2237 for help.

Right now I am doing well on my hair journey. I am drinking water, maintaining a healthy diet, popping my biotin capsules regularly, and deep conditioning weekly.
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Spring Hairstyle: The Crown Braid

The first day of spring in the northern hemisphere is less than two weeks away. Are you ready for a new look?

Check out this hairstyle: the crown braid.

crown braid

The crown braid has been very popular in recent years. Why? It is a protective style. There are different variations. It works well on all hair textures and lengths shoulder-length or longer. It is easy to create and chic. You can also dress it up or down.  And who doesn’t like their hair up off their shoulders with the temperatures rise?
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New Year Hair Goals

hair goalsHappy New Year!

It is a new year and time to set new hair goals.

How much progress did you make last year? Did you reach shoulder length, arm pit length, bra-strap length or beyond?

Congrats on your progress. Now let’s start working on our next hair goal. We always suggest starting the new year with a trim. Then you may want to opt for a nice protective style (i.e. bun). Continue reading New Year Hair Goals

Windy Days and Hair Tangling

What does riding in a convertible and a windy day have in common?

Tangled Hair

windy days and hair tangling

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