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Quick Tip: Cold Water Rinse

cold water rinseDo you want to add a little shine to your hair?

Try a cold water rinse.

After thoroughly rinsing conditioner out of your hair with lukewarm water, follow with some cold water for a few minutes. The cold water rinse will close the hair cuticles and they will lay flat. Flat cuticles are more reflective and shiny.

Try it out the next time you shampoo and condition your hair.

Quick Tip: Do Not Use Hot Water

Do not use hot waterIt is cold outside and a hot shower looks tempting, but do not use hot water.

A hot shower will wreak havoc to your delicate hair strands. It will dry out your hair and scalp. It can also strip color from your hair if you get it colored. This will cause your hair to look dull and frizzy. Remember dry hair can lead to hair breakage and that is the arch-enemy of long hair.

We suggest you watch the temperature and instead opt for lukewarm water. Lukewarm water will open the pores and cuticle. Shampoo and conditioner works best when the cuticle is open because it allows the shampoo and conditioner to clean and deep condition throughly. Always rinse your hair with a bit of cool water to close the hair cuticle for a bit of shine.

If you do not use hot water and watch the water temperature, condition, moisturize your strands, and utilize protective hairstyles often, your hair will thank you. HHG!