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Five Gym Hairstyles

gym hairstylesWorking out in the gym with hair hanging on your face can make the exercise pretty uncomfortable and not fun as it should be. However, this does not mean that you can not pull off a chic look at the gym. There are cute hairstyles for the gym which you can also retain for the whole day as you head to work or embark on your daily activities.
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Summer is Here!

The summer of 2014 is here and based on the thermometers it is going to be a hot one! The higher the mercury goes the drier your hair will get. Why?

– The Sun can and will zap moisture from your hair.

– The chlorine (a.k.a. bleach) in pools will strip your hair, especially your hair color.

– Your sweat, which is partly comprised of salt, will cool you down, but dry out your hair.

Sun hatHow can you combat the summer from halting your lengthy hair goals?
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