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What I Have Learned On My Hair Journey

my hair journey
My Hair (2019) – Lengthy Hair®- *** DO NOT REPUBLISH THIS PICTURE. Copyrighted. ***

Twelve years ago, I began my hair journey when I became a member of a popular hair forum. That forum changed my life. At 20, it taught me how to retain my hair growth, the importance of deep conditioning, and most importantly, that anyone determined to grow their hair long could. I still believe that notion and it is our ethos at LengthyHair.com. Continue reading What I Have Learned On My Hair Journey

Shears for Trimming Your Hair

We spoke about banishing damaged ends and trimming your ends before the new year.


Based on those recommendation, some people have emailed us inquiring about a good pair of shears to rid their split and damaged ends.
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Heat Styling and Your Hair

HeatHeat styling.

It consists of temporarily changing the texture of a person’s hair via a hair appliance (i.e. going from curly hair to straight hair and vice versa).

Some examples of hair appliances are: blow dryers, hair straighteners/ flat irons, hot rollers, pressing combs, and overhead dryers. Continue reading Heat Styling and Your Hair

New Year and a New Trim

2015 is quickly approaching!

We have a motto at lengthyhair.com: New Year, New Trim!

A new year evokes resolutions and a list of behaviors we would like to change about ourselves. Losing weight, stop smoking, and saving more money are common behaviors people want to change. Sprucing up our hair usually is not at the top of the list, but it should be.
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